Our philosophy

At the beginning of every great discovery is a grand idea: one that inspires people to undertake a journey into the unknown. Whether it be a seafarer, an astronaut, an explorer or even a creative mind, the seeker must be a dreamer. And whoever may find it has courage and knowledge as well as a strong will and a discerning mind.

At respublica, we also set out on these voyages of ideas and dreams in search of new discoveries. We analyse, reflect, evaluate and – not infrequently – we succeed. This process has been our inspiration since 1995 and has made us what we are today: the agency of thinkers, dreamers and doers.

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The heads of respublica

In each of them resides is a thinker, a dreamer and a doer: respublica’s Managing Partners.

Rainer Eisenblätter

Rainer Eisenblätter is married, has two children and lives in Gräfelfing near Munich. After studying graphic design and working in Stuttgart and Barcelona, he founded respublica, becoming its first member. His motto: “One must be in love with success, not with failure. “ (Ernst Bloch)

Ralf Bossecker
Born in the Mexican highlands and baptized in Canada, Ralf Bossecker grew up in a small town in Lower Saxony. Having passed his exams as a Business School Graduate at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen in 1991, he gladly moved on to Munich, where he spent 3 years at Herrwerth & Partner and 5 years at Stawicki agency. Since the end of the last millennium he has been one of the main pillars of respublica.

founding of agency
active clients (2019)
EUR million revenue (2019)

What we do

Companies and brands need a communication agency that understands that people come before products and services. An agency that listens and can empathize with the customers and target groups, understanding that the target groups use different media. Therefore, we combine different tools of public relations, print, marketing, social and digital media. We develop concepts that influence people’s everyday lives and which work smoothly and efficiently.

We, the agency of thinkers, dreamers and doers, find and create individual solutions for you and your company’s success.

  • planning
  • Corporate Identity
  • marketing strategies and consultation
  • positioning of companies and brands
  • communication strategies and concepts

Every single communication concept developed by respublica fits our clients like a glove. We analyse your briefing and think about your target groups to position your message perfectly. Whether you want to develop your brand, position a product or freshen up your company with a new Corporate Identity – respublica always combines strategy (planning) and creation. Especially in this day and age, when companies are increasingly recognised as personalities, one has to recognise the importance of an individual brand communication.

  • Logos, banners, ads
  • Corporate Design
  • presentation materials
  • design of advertising materials, image processing and retouching
  • typesetting with desktop publishing and final artwork
  • advertisements, posters, flyers
  • folders, brochures
  • literature
  • packaging design (concept and design of packaging)

A corporate design gives your company a distinctive and consistent look. No matter where your logo is incorporated – starting with everyday stationary through all print and online media – the core of your brand should be recognisable all the time. One example of our key services is Packaging. In every step, from the initial concept and design to the finished artwork, our creative solutions, coupled with excellent graphic design, are always rigorously consistent in communicating your company’s origin, tradition and future.

  • PR texts
  • advertising text
  • editorial text
  • content strategy for websites
  • keywords for search engines

Every word has the power to open a world of imagination for the reader. Even the most concise mailing should be phrased with the same linguistic finesse as the headline for a new product or a print ad in a newspaper. Copywriting requires experience and know-how to be persuasive – both of which you can find at respublica. With a keen feeling for language and a fitting content strategy, you can sharpen your image and convince your customers. Whether informative press releases, emotional storytelling or individually phrased SEO texts – we highlight the aspects that make your company and services unique.

  • videos
  • slideshows
  • 3D animation
  • film and radio ads

Take your message to the next level by communicating it in a video clip or radio ad. Nowadays, products and brands have to work cross-media, and classic TV is no longer considered the key platform for an advertising spot. respublica assists and advises you in realising your audio visual project. We have already been able to convince numerous customers of the added value that 3D animation can provide in communicating complex technical content. To achieve this, we manage the entire process, including casting, finding the appropriate director and creating incisive storyboards.

  • Photo shoot supervision
  • photo shootings
  • model castings
  • photographer casting
  • set building in 3D
  • art buying

A picture is worth a thousand words. The art of a photo shooting lies in finding a photographer who not only knows how to style your products and message but also shares your vision. Following the photo briefing, we assist you in all relevant questions about model selection or the necessity of photo shoot supervision and accompany the project through to its final step. Through our excellent contacts, we can assure a perfect realisation of a shooting even on a tight budget. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive three-dimensional simulation of the set layout. Thus, we can guarantee you that there won’t be any open questions during the shooting and your message can take its place in the limelight.

  • Media planning
  • selection of media
  • online media (SEM)

Everyday, thousands of advertising messages are competing to woo potential customers. If the advertising activities don’t reach the recipient at the right time, not even the most original commercial, informative poster or amusing banner will achieve their purpose. With a tailored media plan and specific search engine marketing (SEM), we guarantee that your message will appear at the right time and the right channel for your target group, ensuring the perfect rollout for each marketing activity.

  • print
  • selection of materials
  • pre-press
  • lithography

Sensual experiences and haptic refinements can be used to appeal to your target group. A message can be felt with the right material, smelled with a special scented coating or heard through certain sound characteristics of the material. This makes print very special for us as a medium. We are convinced that research, development and production of advertising materials and give-aways are a central part of a successful campaign. Lithography, image processing and retouching are thereby as important as the precise choice of the supplier. Here at respublica, we have a wide knowledge of production with longstanding contacts to service providers and specialists.

  • idea and conception
  • design and realisation
  • 3D visualisation

Trade fairs and exhibitions are very effective platforms for meeting customers face to face. Every solution conceptualised and designed by respublica is an individual reflection of your company or product. Thereby, it is important to effectively reach the target group and be convincing with the message. We position and stage you distinctively among your competitors and make your brand come alive, with an increasing focus on holistic 3D visualisations. In this way we can ensure that your products are effectively communicated at the stand or online, and that trade fair presentation becomes a significant part of your communication strategy.

  • mailings
  • lettershop
  • address purchase

Direct marketing: A message that delivers. In Munich and other big cities, there is fierce competition for the best ad spaces. So why not contact every potential customer directly and personally? Well-conceived and designed customer mailings and email campaigns are effective of marketing communication tools and respublica organises them on- and offline from data supervision to delivery. Contacts can be generated by buying addresses specifically or by analysing the habits and needs of the target groups. For example, coupons and QR codes are efficient ways to stimulate interest and relevance.

  • promotions
  • merchandising
  • B2B communication

Communication is constantly changing and needs different methods for target groups made up of professionals and business partners. As a communication agency with vast experience in B2B communication, we offer you integrated and connected services from different fields. The holistic approach is our strength – starting with strategy consulting, followed by conception and up to the realisation. Our aim is to increase your sales and strengthen your brand long-term.

  • customer magazine
  • employee magazine

Corporate publishing strengthens your image and creates a direct connection to your employees and customers. Together with you, we systematically develop the content alignment of your media to best reach your internal or external target. With informative and entertaining content and an appealing design, a customer or employee magazine creates a high degree of credibility. We also analyse your existing Corporate Publishing actions and, where required, develop a new content strategy with optimisation in storytelling and visual imagery.

  • Content Management System
  • responsive web design
  • landing page
  • microsite
  • online shop
  • app
  • mobile app
  • web analysis
  • usability

One web site is not like any other. A landing page has different demands than the launch of a user-friendly microsite. We design websites in the current responsive web design with a focus on usability and search engine optimisation. Additionally, we work with modern content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal, with which you can edit the contents of your website yourself. Whether a planned Website, a mobile app or the optimisation of your online shop – respublica develops convincing solutions with a clear added value.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • social media
  • email marketing
  • Adwords

Countless websites exist in the internet, making the online placement and visibility of your online presence a decisive factor for the success of your company. We develop strategies for your SEM and analyse your current structures as a basis for SEO. We keep an eye on all relevant marketing channels and recognise the potential of SEA, and the potential to address specific customers with a social media campaign or an AdWords campaign optimised for specific target groups. respublica ensures that your company or product can be quickly found online, with the potential to significantly increase your revenue.

An increasing number of global companies support the internal LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) to promote tolerance for a respectful and creative working environment without prejudice.

respublica has a wide network, is always up to date with relevant issues and thus able to help the community to generate awareness – with the required sensitivity and appropriate for each corporate image. Whether it’s with campaign ideas or simply the right wording: We are family.